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  • ELEKTROKOLO  EcoBike Cross L

    ELEKTROKOLO EcoBike Cross L

  • ELEKTROKOLO  EcoBike trekking L

    ELEKTROKOLO EcoBike trekking L

  • ELEKTROKOLO  EcoBike Cross L

    ELEKTROKOLO EcoBike Cross L

  • ELEKTROKOLO  EcoBike City

    ELEKTROKOLO EcoBike City

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over and over again

Ecobike is a lifestyle mixed with modern technology. Only the best materials, robust batteries and quiet, maintenance-free motors determine the quality of our e-bikes ...

See why we're different

Check how much
you will save

Maintenance of an electric bike is a lot cheaper than the cost of travelling by other means of transportation such as car, motor or even public transport ...

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Turn your bike into
an electric one!

Now you can convert your own bike into electric one! This can be done for all types of bikes with 26 or 28 inch wheels. The conversion takes only about an hour ...

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Customer testimonials

  • Kamil Marek

    ecoprestige men
    2015-06-05 20:54:06
    I was looking for used bike for my wife and I became interested in electric bikes. Most liked the look of ecoprestige men, because it looks stylish, and I like gadgets, especially those functional :) I ended up on the fact that he and his wife have bikes ecobike prestige series, and we are very pleased. The price of a good classic bike we have a very good electrician nice design
  • Martina Chládková

    2014-11-05 23:31:17
    Since I moved with my husband to a new home, my way to work out longer. I was tired of getting stuck in the morning traffic. I bought an electric bike, because it allows me to fast and easy access to the vicinity of the office. For me it is so much comfortable that their clothes do not get dirty and not get tired as if it was on a "normal" bike. I would recommend to everyone! :)
Welcome to Elektrická kola - Ekobik
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